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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I decided to take my family on a hike to see the Pope Shenon Mine site. It’s located not far from Salmon, South and East, as the crow flies. The standard squabble ensued: My whole family wanted to do anything EXCEPT hike to the Pope Shenon Mine. It was only by executive order, my wife’s, that got four children and one dog loaded into the truck. Continue reading HIKE TO THE POPE

Sticker-thingies, Baby Whales, and the Great Outdoors

Early this spring, when the snow had finally receded from the valley, I decided my family needed to commune with Mother Nature. We had been engaging in T & A (technology and applications) in the dark for about nine months. When no one crumpled screaming to ash upon direct exposure to sunlight, we became emboldened. Risking the effects of electronic device deficiency, or EDD, we set out on a short hike near the Salmon River. Continue reading Sticker-thingies, Baby Whales, and the Great Outdoors