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My name is Matt LaMont. I have a passion for writing, family and the outdoors. This is my blog chronicling my family’s misadventures and showcasing Idaho locations and events.

I would like to introduce you to my blended family: my wife Jenn; our 13 year old daughter Taylor; our 10 year old son Mason; our 9 year old son Logan; our 4 year old daughter Deleya; and Pearl, our toy Australian Shepherd. (Ages as of May 2014; No, you don’t need to know mine, and my wife will kill me if I give hers.)


You may ask why I decided to write a blog. I don’t have a precise answer for that, other than, I am really happy when writing and a blog is a medium I think I can handle at this point in my life. I’ve attempted writing projects several times and lost interest before completion. With a blog I can attempt short entertaining stories and move on to a new topic before my ADHD kicks in.

Idaho is a beautiful place to raise a family. The number of things you can do within minutes of our home is nearly unlimited. We live in Salmon, Idaho, which is located in Lemhi County straddling the scenic Salmon River. I want to share the things we experience with others.


I hope to lighten your day with a humorous story about some of the activities my family engages in. Hopefully, this will also raise a little awareness of Idaho places and events, especially in my neck of the woods.

After years of working long hours and often multiple jobs, I want to rebuild a relationship with the outdoor activities I loved growing up. I want to strengthen my family’s love for each other while introducing them to new adventures. None of this happens in front of the television.

The humor comes from the normal interaction of distinctly differing personalities that occurs in any family. Also, according to my wife, I have a decidedly skewed world view. I enjoy poking fun at myself, my loved ones, and pretty much anything and everyone. Fun, happiness and laughter should be shared.


The title of my blog actually comes from my wife and is chronicled in Sticker-thingies, Baby Whales, and the Great Outdoors. She claims to despise most outdoor activities but is always game and usually has a great time. She was raised in rural Montana and spent her childhood hunting, camping and fishing. The big faker. Her support and belief in me are the reasons this blog exists at all.

Enjoy our tales (Yes, some are tall, but all of them are based on actual events), and come visit Idaho. If you already live here, get out and rediscover the state you call home. I won’t apologize for the shameless promotion of all things Idaho.

3 thoughts on “About Idaho Doesn’t Suck”

  1. Matt,
    Fun reading your family stories. Nice having the block party at Phil and Jackie
    All..retired middle fork outfitter

  2. I read the url on the back of your suburban and decided to check it out. I read your most recent blog for “mothers day 2015” I will keep my eye out for a flying flip flop.

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