I Declare Yeehawd


The world watches Islamic extremists commit atrocities against women, children, Christians, above average looking goats…and pretty much everybody else. They promise acts of terror in our country because…well…because they hate our stinking guts. We offend them with our sexuality, our free speech, our excessiveness in every aspect of our lives, our sexuality, and mostly because of our meddling foreign policy. I do not pretend to know the intricacies required to co-exist with other nations, but looking at the track record of our nation…I don’t think the people we’ve entrusted with those decisions do either.

I don’t have a problem with any religion…or race, or sexual orientation for that matter. I do have a problem when you start trying to force your views and beliefs on others. Death, dismemberment, mutilation, torture should not be conversion tactics. If you want to be an advocate for your religion…fantastic. Write articles, hand out pamphlets, give speeches and show people why your God (prophet, idol, supreme being, alien) should be in their lives. Don’t behead people because they refuse to convert, or practice differently than you do. Don’t burn individuals with morals or values that aren’t in line with your own. No person is responsible for the salvation of another.

This is quite different from what I normally write, but daily I see news stories about terror and threats of terror at home and around the globe. And yet…Americans are protesting and burning their own communities, both the U.S flag and the Constitution are being trampled (literally in the first instance and figuratively in the second), and being politically correct has become more important than being honest. The government does not serve the people, the legal system is overburdened and unfair, and individuals refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and actions. The greatest country in the world, built on hard work and diversity, is in danger of self-destruction.

I declare Yeehawd! I am calling for all Americans, whether you were born here or chose this country for your home, to embrace and support all that we are. The United States has a rich history of diversification and tolerance. The first settlers came here to avoid religious persecution in other countries. Here you may practice your beliefs, whatever they may be, without fear of reprisal. Freedom to practice a religion does not allow you to impose your beliefs, laws, or customs on your neighbors and communities. To those who would try to legally force local governments to implement their rules in the name of religious freedom…YEEHAW! If they continue speaking…YEEHAW, YEEHAW, YEEHAW! Yeehawd is the daily struggle against those who would destroy the American way of life that is so unique. It is a street filibuster against those that would spout the rhetoric of hate, intolerance, or oppression.

Yeehaw has nearly as many uses as the much abused “F” word, only with more positive connotations. If you see a soldier in uniform or a veteran who has served, give them a yeehaw. If a patriot is proudly flying the American flag, give them a big yeehaw! If your child hits a homerun…yeehaw. Date night? YEEEEHAAAAWWWW!!!!! Yeehaw is neither strictly rural or country, it is decidedly American. It is an approved term of exuberance whether riding a horse, surfboard, or subway train. It is an exclamation of enjoyment, excitement, and love of life. Get your yeehaw on, brothers and sisters, because we live in an amazing world at an incredible time, and we will only prosper if we learn to overcome adversity together.

There exists no privilege for any one group over another, except for the privilege to live free in a manner of our own choosing. Our history is our history…there is no changing or rewriting it. We can only try to do better going forward. Banning historical symbols and traditions is akin to closing the barn door after the horse is out. We used to be a nation that poked fun at everyone and everything, where nothing was sacred. Now, tensions between groups have risen to a level of violence that is being promoted and supported by activists. The best way for the complete destruction of our singular way of life…is for the average American to stand by and do nothing.

Imposing more laws, raising taxes, and taking away our freedoms will not make us safer or more secure. Stop looking to the government to take care of you and solve your problems. That is not its historical or intended function. It is time to stop standing by…doing nothing…and bitching about the way things are. Find your voice, find your backbone, and defend the things that matter to YOU! Declare Yeehawd in your own life. Be a positive influence on those you associate with and stop accepting hate, negativity, and complacency. You can make a difference and it starts with…yeehaw. Not quite…try again. YEEEEHHHAAAAAAWWWWW!!!! That’s more like it. Now, go make a difference, because if you don’t…who will?

Idaho doesn’t suck, the United States do NOT suck, freedom doesn’t suck…can I get a yeehaw?

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