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This is the complaint department of my blog


There are some decided disadvantages in living about three hours from a city. We aren’t quite in the middle of nowhere, but we’re close. Can anyone say BFE? Most of the time I like being away from the traffic and the crush of people everywhere you go, and I’ve never waited for a table in Salmon. However, if you break your smartphone, especially on the weekend, you better fuel up the family car for a road trip. Continue reading EMERGENCY ROAD TRIP



As a child, my family had a garden. We grew vegetables that we enjoyed fresh and also canned. Unfortunately, a lot of work went along with that. Tilling, and planting, and weeding, and watering…you get the idea. Well, apparently, my selective amnesia allowed me to forget all of the downside. I decided our family needed to raise a vegetable garden. Continue reading FUN WITH GARDENING