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Hunting Faux Pas

Hunting season is here once again, and I think we need a reminder of what is proper behavior in certain situations; hunting faux pas, if you will. People…parents especially, it is not okay to push down a new hunter to get a shot at a trophy buck. There is no rule that states a first time hunter only gets first shot if it’s a crummy forked horn. Experienced hunters are supposed to be mentors and examples of good sportsmen. Continue reading Hunting Faux Pas

in baseball, always bring something to throw


Not long ago, I took my 10 year old son to play in the Madison All-Star Baseball Tournament. It was just to be him and I; a father-son road trip! I thought we would have a deep, meaningful visit on the ride there, but Mason slept all the way to Rexburg. Instead, I played dodge-a-deer with my wife’s car on Hwy 28 and tried to keep my own eyes open. I entertained myself by jerking the wheel back and forth and screaming every so often. Mason would wake up wide eyed, looking all around. I would pretend I didn’t know what happened. Continue reading in baseball, always bring something to throw