ruminations of a 41 year old child

Today I am 41 years old. It is not a milestone, it’s not a way-point or rest stop on the way to wisdom that we assume comes with age. It’s merely another year, one of which I swore to stop acknowledging several back. Unfortunately, there are those that say they love me, yet remind me of my advancing mortality with annual gifts and cake. I don’t obsess about death or dying, but the years seem to pass with increasing rapidity. Can’t we slow this damn bus down? I want to smell some frickin roses! Continue reading ruminations of a 41 year old child

You Might Be A Facebook Stalker

I was a little resistant to get on board with social media. I am now deeply immersed on multiple platforms; they devour hours of my day that, otherwise, would have been spent doing something productive. It’s where I get my news, do business research and reading, and follow things that interest me. I very rarely bare my soul or post excessive personal information, as so many do. I do share pictures of my family and the things we are doing, and I occasionally join a political discussion. I have been caught several times red-faced, yelling at my computer or phone. Continue reading You Might Be A Facebook Stalker

Easter Egg Hunt…Metaphor for Life?


Easter brings with it a sense of renewal and freshness; warm weather and the resolve to get outside and tackle a yard that has been neglected since last fall. Unless, of course, it snows. Then we prefer to bundle up together and stare at the television. We are forced to brave the elements, however, for the annual Easter egg hunt. Children and parents gather in droves at the City Park. Easter dresses and bonnets abandoned in favor of winter coats and knit hats. The steamy breath of each child escapes, eager with anticipation. Continue reading Easter Egg Hunt…Metaphor for Life?

Sunday Drive Fail


There are hazards to spring Sunday driving. Where we live, going for a drive has always meant heading for the hills. Driving mountain roads is relaxing and enjoyable. There is a new adventure waiting around every corner. There are also hazards at certain times of the year. The following is a hypothetical situation I have created to showcase the possible dangers of driving in the mountains in the early spring. Pay attention to the mistakes our hero “Max” makes on a family outing, and the way his wife “Jann” responds on this Sunday drive fail. Continue reading Sunday Drive Fail