Chicken Herding

I have thought from time to time that I would like to keep a few chickens. Fresh eggs are far more enjoyable and healthier than those at the grocery store. I have a charming picture in my head of several hens clucking about the yard keeping the bug population in check and providing the main ingredient for an omelet. My wife is vehemently opposed to idea. It may be her irrational fear of all birds, but I’m not sure. Continue reading Chicken Herding

My Battle Against Conformity

I was recently asked to leave a local establishment because of a particular item I was wearing. The proprietor said that the article in question was offensive to the other patrons who were trying to eat their breakfast. No, I was not wearing a firearm in a restaurant. Why would you think that? It was in my own kitchen, and I was wearing cut-off jean shorts. My wife told me that I was free to wear whatever I wanted in the privacy of our bedroom, or in the garage, but that I was forbidden to wear them in any public place. Continue reading My Battle Against Conformity

The Venus Child Trap


I had the opportunity Labor Day weekend to go on an overnight camping trip with my boys and a friend with his son. We decided to try Wallace Lake. I was a little apprehensive that it would be crowded because of the holiday weekend. I needn’t have worried; the campground was nearly empty. Apparently, everyone else in the county had checked the weather report. As we unloaded supplies and erected our tents, dark clouds rolled in and a chill wind blew. Continue reading The Venus Child Trap

Fastest Tongue in the West


The seventh member of our family is a toy Australian Shepherd named Pearl. She is a tiny bundle of nerves that looks a bit like a cotton ball between haircuts…with black spots, of course. She is very loving and protective of our family, barking and growling at anyone who enters our yard (or drives by in a manner not to her liking). She once even tried to bite the mailman, but that may have been from the influence of television and violent video games. Continue reading Fastest Tongue in the West