We recently met some family in Bozeman and had some”Montana” type adventures. They swore not to read my blog again otherwise. We actually had a great time. We toured the Lewis and Clark Caverns, which were incredible (even though they are home to both bats and snakes). We discovered Montana’s rich dinosaur history at the Museum of the Rockies. We hiked to the breath-taking Pallisades Falls, and did a one day trip through part of Yellowstone National Park.

I know exactly what you are thinking: Yellowstone…the National Park in Wyoming. Wrong. It’s the National Park mostly in Wyoming, but also partly in Montana and, yes, partly in Idaho. This geographical fact allows me to claim Yellowstone as an Idaho treasure, and I have planted potatoes in several key locations within the park. If, however, the caldera threatens to erupt; I relinquish all rights and responsibilities to California. Continue reading Yellowstone…Idaho?

How to Catch Moss

One hot summer day I took our three youngest fishing at the Hayden Creek pond. My children like to fish, and I enjoy it also. I’m just terrible at it, and I don’t know what the problem is. Possibly, I exude an anti-fish pheromone that travels along my fishing line into the water. It could be a fish-repelling magnetic field that emanates from my body. The best I can do is frozen fish sticks at the local supermarket.

There you have it: I can’t twerk, and I can’t fish. If terrorists kidnap my family, and I’m forced to do one or the other…I will certainly miss them. Continue reading How to Catch Moss