The Hazards of Summer

The front door burst open, startling me. My 4 year old daughter ran in holding her eye and crying in obvious pain. I pulled her hand away and cringed at the red, swollen mess I beheld. It looked like she had been punched. I started searching for the culprit asking her who had done it. “Grammy.” she said.

I held her at arms length, so I could gaze into her good eye. “Are you saying that Grammy punched you in the eye?” Continue reading The Hazards of Summer

A Three Hour Tour


Reminiscent of Gilligan’s three hour tour, I lost my way on a jeep ride with my wife. We had a couple free hours, one day, before I had to go to work. I suggested we go for a quick jeep ride since we hadn’t had it out yet. We have a 1975 CJ5 that we enjoy driving in the hills. It doesn’t have a back seat, so it’s kind of like a date when we go; no kids. Continue reading A Three Hour Tour


Twerking is an occasional topic of discussion in our home. It is one of those things that certain people make their bodies do and fascinates the rest of us. I get that it’s a little bit dirty and suggestive, but put that aside for a moment. Can you do it? I bet you have tried in the bathroom mirror after watching a YouTube video. I have too.

According to my 13 year old daughter, it looks a lot like I’m having a seizure. Most of the parts on my body don’t shake or bounce all that well. Continue reading IT DOESN’T TWERK

A Bunch of Black Rocks…Not


My wife and I (mostly my wife) decided to take our kids to Craters of the Moon National Monument. I have driven past it a thousand times, but had never stopped. One of our friends said, “That’s a long drive to look at a lot of black rock.” I was kind of in agreement, but I didn’t say so. I always enjoyed spending time with my family, so we packed a lunch and loaded up the truck. Continue reading A Bunch of Black Rocks…Not

in baseball, always bring something to throw


Not long ago, I took my 10 year old son to play in the Madison All-Star Baseball Tournament. It was just to be him and I; a father-son road trip! I thought we would have a deep, meaningful visit on the ride there, but Mason slept all the way to Rexburg. Instead, I played dodge-a-deer with my wife’s car on Hwy 28 and tried to keep my own eyes open. I entertained myself by jerking the wheel back and forth and screaming every so often. Mason would wake up wide eyed, looking all around. I would pretend I didn’t know what happened. Continue reading in baseball, always bring something to throw