Don’t Put Your Head In A Microwave

It seems to me that appliances don’t last as long as the ones we had growing up. As soon as the warranty expires, you can count on complete systems failure. I am old enough to remember when my family got our first microwave. It was a behemoth. It took two grown men to lift it and had the interior capacity to cook a turkey. It even came with a built in temperature probe. Continue reading Don’t Put Your Head In A Microwave

The Haunted Mesa

20140618_163428 The other day my four year old daughter begged to go “cruising”. When I asked what she meant she said, “You know…on the mountains…on a windy road, like we did before. We rode in the back of the truck next to the sky.” (I assumed that meant in the bed of my truck) She stated this in a tone like I was four years old, or daft.

I replied, “Oh, cruising! I thought you said bruising!” and started play fighting with her. Only she fights dirty, like her mother, and ended the brawl with a shot below the belt. Continue reading The Haunted Mesa


There are some decided disadvantages in living about three hours from a city. We aren’t quite in the middle of nowhere, but we’re close. Can anyone say BFE? Most of the time I like being away from the traffic and the crush of people everywhere you go, and I’ve never waited for a table in Salmon. However, if you break your smartphone, especially on the weekend, you better fuel up the family car for a road trip. Continue reading EMERGENCY ROAD TRIP

the yellow submarine

To fight off the winter blues when I was a kid, we broke out some unusual equipment: a rubber raft, an old car hood, or a string of inner tubes. How the heck is an inflatable raft used when the river is mostly ice? These were things my father pulled around the neighborhood behind his truck. My brothers, sisters and all the kids within several blocks would jump on and ride until there was an injury or someone complained. Continue reading the yellow submarine

Budget Burton Snowboards


Father’s Day had me thinking a little about my childhood and some of the shenanigans I was involved in with my family. Here’s a little look back. Thanks dad.

In the mid 1980’s, in the lost time of very big hair and leg warmers, we learned about Burton Snowboards. I must have been 10 or 12 years old. I remember seeing something about it on television, but I can’t say if it was the news or some other program. My family all thought it was pretty amazing. Everyone knew about skiing; although that was for people with more money or less children than us. But snowboards, that was like surfing on the snow! Continue reading Budget Burton Snowboards



As a child, my family had a garden. We grew vegetables that we enjoyed fresh and also canned. Unfortunately, a lot of work went along with that. Tilling, and planting, and weeding, and watering…you get the idea. Well, apparently, my selective amnesia allowed me to forget all of the downside. I decided our family needed to raise a vegetable garden. Continue reading FUN WITH GARDENING

the appropriateness of thongs

One time, I asked my wife, “Honey, is it okay if we wear thongs?” to whatever outing we were attending. She looked over her decidedly sexy glasses at me, then curled her lip in disgust (not so sexy all of a sudden). “I will hurl if I EV-ER see you in a thong!” she enunciated in case I couldn’t hear her, “Your hairy legs go straight into your back completely bypassing any feature that resembles a butt!” She then made noises like a cat coughing up a hairball. I got the idea. Continue reading the appropriateness of thongs



I must diverge from the exploration of the Idaho outdoors to address a very serious affliction: Petalpullaparoxysm. I would like to raise awareness of this grave and debilitating disease because it affects a member of my immediate family. My youngest daughter, Deleya who is just 4, suffers the symptoms every day of her life. Spring is especially bad. Continue reading EMERGENCY DISEASE BULLETIN



Recently, my wife and I decided to go jogging at the Sacajawea Center in Salmon. We are desperately trying to preserve our health as we age, and running sounded like a great idea. The “Sac” Center, as it is affectionately known, offers running and walking trails with the scenic Lemhi River as a backdrop. Wildlife abounds; deer, beaver, various birds and critters make their home amid the trees and along the trails. There is even a sign near the entrance that allows visitors to mark which animals they observed while walking. Continue reading MORNING RUN WITH SACAJAWEA

Fishing Trip


To call it a “fishing trip” might be just a little pretentious. We went to Kids Creek Pond to try out my son’s new spinning rod. He had just received it for his birthday. The pond is a nice little puddle of water; It is landscaped with large rocks, little wooden bridges, and features a floating dock. The pond is stocked with trout and, occasionally, Steelhead. The Steelhead come from the nearby hatchery and have already spawned. Continue reading Fishing Trip